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The Paper Money Project

The Paper Money Project is an attempt to track many early U.S. Small-Size currency varieties and to share the associated census information with the numismatics community.  A smaller version of this census project initially started around 20 years ago by Jamie Yakes and focused on $5 LFBP (Late-Finished Back Plate) #637 & #629 Mules, $5 LFP #307 notes, and a few scarce $5 blocks.  After the project went dormant for nearly a decade, I picked up where he left off and expanded the census project to focus on a number of other early U.S. Small-Size varieties such as $20 LFBP #204 FRNs, $10 LFP #86 & #87 Silver Certificates, $5 & $10 Narrow Face FRNs, etc.

While this project is starting off as a party of one, my desire is to collaborate with other collectors and numismatists who also find joy and a sense of intrigue in this type of project.  I'm open to working with just about anyone who wants to share data, join the project, or help out in other ways.  If you'd like to join me on this journey or potentially host a census project on this site, please feel free to reach out to me.



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