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SPMC "Paper Money" Journal Articles

"Paper Money"Articles Index

The SPMC (Society of Paper Money Collectors) has a wonderful index for all their "Paper Money" journals and is broken down into sub-categories, such as Small-Size notes. 

SPMC Paper Money Articles Index - Small-Size

While this index is very helpful in finding articles by name or author and has links to individual articles and journals, it doesn't categorize them into topic, type, series, denomination, etc.  It is also missing a number of articles relating to early small-size varieties that I found interesting.  This page is a categorical breakdown of articles relating to early small-size varieties that are currently included in the Paper Money Project or will be in the future.  Variety-specific articles are not included on this page but are referenced within each respective variety page.   

Times & Events

"Creation of Money During the Great Depression"

March/April 2010 - Whole #266; pgs 90-120; Peter Huntoon

"$5 Note Circulation nearly doubled 1934-1941"

May/June 2011 - Whole #273; pg 217; Jamie Yakes

"Series 1929 FRBNs Released During WWII"

Jan/Feb 2019- Whole #319; pgs 4-11; Lee Lofthus, Peter Huntoon, Jamie Yakes

"The WWII Issuance of Series 1929 FRBNs"

Jan/Feb 2010- Whole #265; pgs 12-22; Peter Huntoon, Lee Lofthus

Design & Changes - $10 Notes

Design & Changes - Silver Certificates

Design & Changes - FRNs

"Seal Varieties on Series of 1928 FRNs" (requires SPMC membership)

March/April 2020 - Whole #326; pgs 122-124; Peter Huntoon


"Seal Colors on Series 1934 Federal Reserve Notes"

Jan/Feb 2009 - Whole #259; pgs 72-74; Peter Huntoon (collaboration with Jim Hodgson and Jamie Yakes)

"Small Notes: Confusion sorting FRNs (Numericals)"

May/June 2012 - Whole #279; pgs 224; Jamie Yakes

"Series of 1934B FRNs Carried New Bank Seals"

March/April 2018 - Whole #314; pgs 138-141; Jamie Yakes


"Distribution to Fed Banks of 1928 XYZ $1 Experimental Notes" (requires SPMC membership)

Sept/Oct 2022 - Whole #341; pgs 376-377; Jamie Yakes

"Small Notes - R & S 1935A Experimentals"

Nov/Dec 2018 - Whole #318; pgs 431-445; Jamie Yakes

"Titanium Dioxide $1 Experimentals"

Sept/Oct 2014 - Whole #293; pgs 346-347; Jamie Yakes

"Experimental X-Y-Z Series of 1928 $1 Silver Certificates"

Nov/Dec 2013 - Whole #288; pgs 466-476; Jamie Yakes


"Release of $1 Series of 1935A R&S Experimentals"

July/Aug 2012 - Whole #280; pgs 312-315; Peter Huntoon

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