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June 2023 Update - Exciting Additions!

The June 2023 update is the second consolidated update to the Census Project since it began in late 2022, following a large update in early May 2023. The June 2023 update is the last major update consisting partially of note additions found while digging through a few data sources previously uninvestigated. It's also the first of regular planned monthly updates.

The June 2023 update includes 29 new notes to the census, bringing the total census note count to 1,608. This update also includes confirmations of around 30 additional notes that were previously reported with missing data and are now confirmed. Thanks to Derek Higgins and Jamie Yakes for helping to identify new notes or provide data on additional notes for the census.

This update includes some new exciting rare notes and new reported low and high serial numbers. Here are some of the highlights:

Silver Certificates - Blue seal mules from tough blocks, mule Stars, and rare $10 LFP #86s with new high serials!

1934B & 1934C Silver Cert LFBP #637 Mules - Seven notes were added, but a 1934B K-A block Mule (K96 487 320A), the seventh 1934B Star Mule (*11 776 946A), and the eighth and ninth 1934C Star Mules, a PMG 66EPQ (*14 479 270A) and a PMG 64EPQ (*14 479 272A), lead the way of exciting additions.

1934A $10 Silver Cert LFP #86 - Five notes were added to the census including the second blue seal Mule (A86 220 998A) - JUST TWO!, a new blue seal high serial (B24 373 532A), the fifth blue seal Star and a new high serial (*01 385 993A), and two new yellow seal (North Africa) Stars (*01 044 284A, *01 217 621A).

$5 Federal Reserve Notes - Rare Non-Mules with LFBP #637 and Engraving Errors!

1934 $5 FRN Non-Mules w/ LFBP #637 - These are the rarest of all LFBP #637 varieties and this update contains three new examples, bringing the total number of this variety on the census to only ten across four districts. Two new Cleveland examples were added, a raw VF example reported by Jamie Yakes (D56 173 146A) and a raw CU example also reported by Jamie Yakes from Peter Huntoon (D56 475 697A), which is now the highest serial of four notes on the census for this district. A fourth example from the Kansas City district (J30 378 791A) was discovered at a coin show by Derek Higgins.

1934B $5 New York FRN w/ FP #212 Engraving Error - A single raw F-VF example (B89 458 010B) was added, which was recently sold on eBay, and is the fifteenth example of this cool engraving error to be added to the census.

$20 FRN Late-Finished BP #204 - A number of amazing rare additions, a first-time discovery, the second reported 1934C, and an ultra-rare 1934 Hawaii!

1934 $20 FRN LFBP #204 - Three new examples were added, including only the third example reported for the Cleveland district, a raw VF+ example with PQ attributes, and a new high serial (D67 803 612A).

An example from the Atlanta district was also discovered (F32 338 924A), a raw VF+ example with PQ attributes, becoming just the third note on the census for the district.

1934A $20 FRN LFBP #204 - The first example from the Kansas City district for this series surfaced, a very nice raw VF example (J27 860 105A). The Kansas City district is by far the most populous district for the 1934 series with eleven examples on the census, but there is only one listed from the 1934B series. And now with this new addition, there is one 1934A series LFBP #204 example from Kansas City to join the group. What an awesome note!

1934B $20 FRN LFBP #204 - Any example of a LFBP #204 from the 1934B series is rare, regardless of the district, with the total census count for all districts now at ten (eight regular issues and two Stars). A gorgeous new raw Gem example (B33 682 905A) from the New York district recently surfaced, one of just three notes now listed from this district, and is consecutive to another PCGS-C 66EPQ example (B33 682 904A) that surfaced at Heritage Auctions ten years ago.

1934C $20 FRN LFBP #204 - Prior to this update, only a single 1934C LFBP #204 was listed on the census, a unique example from Chicago that surfaced at Heritage Auctions in 2014 with little to no fanfare. Recently, a second example from the Chicago district (G17 406 880B) was discovered, a killer raw VF example, that now brings the total census count to TWO examples of the 1934C #204s! What an amazing find!

1934 $20 Hawaii FRN LFBP #204 - PMG currently has only three examples of this incredibly rare variety listed on their pop report, with a 30EPQ listed as top pop. Unfortunately, I have only seen two of those three examples, so there have been just two examples on the census. Recently a new addition to the census surfaced in a PCGS Banknote VF-30 holder (with a comment for a small edge tear), and now brings the number of this variety listed on the census to three! So cool!



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