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1934C $10 FRNs

Narrow Face

The $10 Narrow Face plates were first introduced in December 1949 and featured a subtle design change where the front design border was squeezed slightly closer to the interior design.  Only four Narrow Face plates were created (#86-89) for the 1934C series and only for the Kansas City district.  The rest of the 1934C $10 FRNs were printed with Wide Face plates, which was the only design used on small-size $10 note types printed prior to that point in time, including the 1934C $10 Silver Certificates.  The BEP used Narrow Face plates for all of the 1934D and later $10 FRNs (all districts) and 1934D and later $10 Silver Certificates.

Wide Face

K.C. Narrow Face (FP #86-89)

1934C $10 FRN Kansas City Narrow Face; FP #89

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1934C Narrow Face 

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