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1934 $10 Silver Certs

B-A Block Mules

The 1934 series $10 Silver Certificates had micro-size face plates (FP) and back plates (BP) and the 1934A series had the opposite, macro-size face plates and back plates.  When a 1934 $10 Silver Certificate was mated with a newer macro-size back plate, it created a 1934 macro-back Mule.  The 1934 series Mules were printed primarily from 1939 to 1940 and were serial numbered in the A-A block are fairly common and therefore not included in this census. 

1934 $10 Silver Certificate A-A Block Mule - Micro FP #114, Macro BP #599

All but two 1934 series micro FPs (125 & 126) were canceled by late 1940 when a majority of the FPs on the presses were 1934A series with macro FPs and serial numbering was still in the A-A block.  FPs 125 and 126 were used in a final press run in July 1942, primarily when the BEP was printing yellow seal North Africa WWII Emergency Issues.  In addition, stockpiles of 1934 series sheets from five FPs were also used and intermixed with 1934A series sheets.  This created 1934 series yellow seal Mules in the A-A block that are eagerly sought by collectors, and covered in a separate census.  


In late 1942, the A-A block had been exhausted and serial numbering transitioned to the B-A block.  The BEP printed a small run of 660,000 blue seals near the beginning of the B-A block during which time some 1934 series sheets were still being used up.  The result was 1934 series blue seal Mules from the B-A block, which are extremely rare, and the focus of this census.  There are currently at least three 1934 series blue seal Mule serial numbers known and I've heard that a fourth note also exists.  1934 series yellow seal Mules were also created in the B-A block and covered in a separate census.   

1934 $10 Silver Certificate B-A Block Mule - Micro FP #126, Macro BP #834

Image courtesy of Jim Hodgson

The Census Report

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1934 B-A Block Mules

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1934 A-A Block Mules (common)

1934 North Africa Mules (separate census)

1934A Mule (separate census)

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