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1934B $5 FRNs

FP #212 Engraving Error

The 1934B $5 FRN Face Plate Engraving Error on FP #212 is an interesting error that created a unique variety in early small-size FRNs.  The 1934 series used micro-size face plate numbers, which were 0.6mm high, and the 1934A series on (including 1934B) used macro-size back plate numbers, which were 1.0mm high.  When the #212 front plate serial number was engraved for the New York district, it wasn't engraved at the correct size.  It was smaller than the standard macro-size 1.0mm height and larger than the old micro-size or 0.6mm.  It feel somewhere in between, resulting in a curious error that went unnoticed for many years.

Micro FP# (0.6mm)

FP #212 Engraving Error

Macro FP# (1.0mm)

1934B $5 FRN New York FP #212 Engraving Error

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1934B NY FP #212 Engraving Error

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