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1928 $5 Legal Tender

D-A Block

The 1928 series $5 Legal Tender was first printed in May 1929 and saw production into 1934.  During that time, this series was serial numbered across four different blocks: the A-A, B-A, C-A, & D-A blocks.  The A-A block was serial numbered from May 1929 though July 1930, and the B-A block was then serial numbered from July 1930 through June 1932.  Both blocks were printed exclusively on 1928 series notes.  The C-A block began production in June 1932 and was serial numbered on both 1928 and 1928A series notes.  The D-A block began production some time in early 1934 and was serial numbered on 1928, 1928A, and 1928B series notes.

Most of the first ~15,000,000 D-A block notes were serial numbered on 1928A series notes, not 1928 series notes.  The only 1928 series notes serial numbered in this block came from the last of the pre-printed 1928 series sheets that were used along side the then-current 1928A sheets.

And nearly all, if not all, of the last ~85,000,000 D-A block notes were serial numbered on 1928B series notes, like the one below.

Due to the very low number of 1928 series D-A block notes printed, and even less that were kept as new during the Great Depression or survived circulation before being pulled and saved, they are highly sought after and carry a significant premium over the other 1928 series blocks.  

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1928 D-A Block

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