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1934B $5 Silver Certs

M-A Block

The 1934B series $5 Silver Certificates had a total of 60,328,000 notes printed and serial numbered within the K-A, L-A, and M-A blocks.  The K-A block was shared with the 1934A series, the L-A block was shared with the 1934A and 1934C series, and the M-A block was shared with the 1934C series.  But very few 1934B series notes were serial numbered within the M-A block.  The current census only has ten examples listed, four from the same sheet, and all within a range of less than 5,000,000 notes.  The 1934B M-A block notes are very rare and seldom make appearances at public auction.

1934B $5 SC M-A Block

Photo courtesy of Heritage Auctions

The Census Report

Updated 11/06/2023

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Notes Included:

1934B M-A Block

Notes Not Included:

1934B K-A & L-A Blocks (common)

Current Census Population

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