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1934C $5 Silver Certs

Narrow Face

From the beginning of small-size $5 Silver Certificates production in 1934, the design on the face was the same, known now as a Wide Face.  In August 1948, a subtle change was made to the back design, slightly squeezing in some of the design elements, creating a Narrow Face variety.  The Narrow Face design was only used on four face plates (FP #2028-2031), which just happened to be the last four 1934C face plates created.  In comparison, a total of 152 Wide Face plates were created and used (FP #1875-2026) to print 1934C notes, which means the Narrow Face plates accounted for only 2.5% (+/-) of all 1934C face plates. 

The Wide Face notes were serial numbered in the L-A, M-A, N-A, P-A, and Q-A blocks, but the Narrow Face notes were only serial numbered in the last 15,000,000 notes of the N-A block and throughout the P-A and Q-A blocks (the Q-A block was also shared with the 1934D series).  The Narrow Face plates were also mated with LFBP #637 as well, creating some very rare Mules.  As a side note, the Narrow Face design was used on all 1934D series and later $5 Silver Certificates.

Wide Face; FP #1875-2026

Narrow Face; FP #2028-2031

1934C $5 SC N-A Narrow Face; FP #2028

1934C $5 SC P-A Block Narrow Face; FP #2031

1934C $5 Q-A Block SC Narrow Face; FP #2031

1934C $5 SC Narrow Face Star Mule; FP #2031, LFBP #637 - Currently Unique

Images Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

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1934C Narrow Face

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