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Welcome to The Paper Money Project!

The idea behind the Paper Money Project was conceived in August 2022 as I was trying to determine the lowest known serial number for 1934A $5 Silver Certificate Mules with fabled BP #637.  Within the next few months, I inherited the serial number lists that Jamie Yakes had tracked a decade early and it grew into a full-blown census project tracking selected early U.S. small-size varieties and the creation of this website.  Since then, it has continued to grow to include additional small-size varieties, more high-resolution images, expanded numismatic overviews and summaries, cross-references to related SPMC "Paper Money" Journal articles, serial number printing and delivery documents, the serial number lists that were kept by Peter Huntoon, and much more!


My motivation behind starting and continuing The Paper Money Project is a combination of my love of numismatics, the history of paper money, a fascination with serial numbers, and an inescapable OCD-driven addiction to spreadsheets.  There is a variety of content and educational components within the project and this website, but the main focus is census data.  The desire is to share this census data, free of charge, with the rest of the collectors out there who also share a similar passion, or with those who are intrigued and just want to learn.  

While I have spent countless hours digging through public auction archives, current and recent eBay listings, dealer websites, numismatics forums, Facebook groups, Google searches, and compiling inherited serial number lists, The Paper Money Project can only continue to grow and offer greater value through contributions from members of the numismatics community.  Please reach out to me if you have any notes that can be added to the current census projects through Report a Note or by contacting me directly.  Thanks to all who have provided major contributions to The Paper Money Project thus far including Derek Higgins, Jamie Yakes, Peter Huntoon, and John Patrick! And thanks to everyone else who has contributed serial numbers and scans to the project!


Census Overview

The Paper Money Project currently focuses on various 1928 and 1934 series small-size varieties such as LFPs/LFBPs (Late-Finished Plates/Back Plates), Mules (including those with fabled BP #637 & #629), tough serial number blocks, rare Star (replacement) notes, etc.  It currently focuses on $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 denominations across Legal Tender (United States Notes), Silver Certificates, and Federal Reserve Notes.  The census project does not currently include larger denominations ($50, $100, and higher), nor does it focus on common Mules or Star notes, but may in the future.  

Notes Included on Census


Updated 03/11/2024
598 New Notes Added

3 New Census Added on Feb-March 2024

133 Notes


481 Notes

$1 Silver Certificates

5 Notes

898 Notes


517 Notes


114 Notes


670 Notes


189 Notes

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